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What to Look for When Hiring a Walk-In Tub Installation Professional

If you own your home, you likely take pride in doing small repair or replacement jobs around the house. In the past, you may have fixed a leak in your roof, and replaced your sink’s faucet. However, when it comes to bigger jobs, such as walk-in tub installation, the best course of action is to hire a professional service.

Not just any installation technician will do. Some of the things you should look for when searching for this professional can be found here.

Experience Installing Walk-In Tubs

The installation of a walk-in spa or walk-in tub is very different than a traditional tub. There are several components that have to be handled that don’t exist with traditional bathtubs. If you don’t find a contractor who understands these differences, they may not handle the process properly or efficiently. Even worse, there may be serious issues with the tub once it is in place.

The installation technician you ultimately hire needs to wear many hats. The process to install a walk-in tub requires electrical components, plumbing elements, and carpentry skills. Make sure to ask about the capabilities and experience of the team who will be installing the walk-in tub prior to hiring a service provider.

Consider the Installer’s Availability

There are a number of bathroom remodeling and walk-in tub companies that operate across many states. As a result, their availability to install your new bathtub may be limited. After you have purchased your tub, you don’t want to wait weeks, months or longer to use it, right?

To avoid an extended wait time to have the bathtub installed, be sure to ask about availability. Also, ask for a general estimate regarding how long the project will take. If they say more than a few days, then it may be best to look for a more experienced installation service.

Does the Company Guarantee their Work?

Unfortunately, the most experienced technician can’t prevent all the issues that may arise down the road. However, a quality installation professional will offer their customers a guarantee on the work they do. This guarantee is going to be in addition to the warranty that comes from the manufacturer of the tub. If the installation service you are considering using doesn’t offer a guarantee, then it may be best to keep looking. After all, if a problem does arise, then you are going to have to pay to have it fixed out of your own pocket.

Having a walk-in tub installed can be quite exciting. These tubs offer quite a few therapeutic and safety benefits that are ideal for older adults, and others who may be experiencing mobility issues. However, to ensure you can enjoy your tub and avoid serious issues with it now and in the future, you have to take the time to find the right installation professional. The tips found here will help you narrow down the options and hire the best company for the job.

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