There are few things in life that offer the natural healing and mental rejuvenation like soaking your body in a warm bath. However, what happens when you are no longer able to enjoy this simple pleasure?

Regardless of if you are a senior or just someone who is living with limited mobility, it is often impossible to enjoy taking a bath like you once did. That’s where our walk-in spas come in.

At Missouri Specialty Spa, we offer an array of therapeutic spa options that will help to transform the way you bathe.

The Amazing Advantages Offered by Our Walk-In Spas

One of the main benefits offered by purchasing one of our walk-in spas is the whirlpool jets. Regardless of if you suffer from a degenerative condition such as arthritis, or just have muscle soreness and an aching body, our spas provide the relaxing experience you need. The combined warm water and soothing massage is even something recommended to many people by their doctors.

When you use your new spa regularly, you can enjoy things such as improved circulation, less pain, and more flexibility. Not to mention the comfort offered by just getting into and soaking in a warm bath.

Why Choose Our Walk-In Spas?

When you choose one of our top-quality walk-in spas, you will find they offer comfort, safety and provide you with a sense of independence you may have lost in recent years. Our tubs will eliminate the need for assistance from someone else, as well as the possibility of slipping and falling while trying to climb into a traditional tub. In fact, the small ledge that must be stepped over to get in is no more than six inches off the ground.

We have successfully transformed bath time for countless customers, and we can provide the same services for you.

Unique Features that Set Our Walk-In Spas Apart

While there are countless service providers offering customers access to walk-in spas, ours go a step beyond the others.

We offer an array of customization options to make your bathing experience better than ever. For example, since it can take a minute for the tub to fill completely, we offer heated seats to keep you comfortable while in the bath. We also offer fast drains, grab rails and an extendable shower head.

Superior Installation and Service

One of the biggest challenges of walk-in spas is the installation. Without technicians who understand the process, serious issues can occur. Our team is made up of installation technicians with more than 30 years of experience in this industry. They understand how to hook up the electrical and plumbing components safely, and ensure the floor and wall covering used keeps all the elements in your bathroom safe and free from damage.

If you are ready to experience the amazing benefits offered by walk-in spas from Missouri Specialty Spa, contact our team of knowledgeable professionals today. We can provide a free, in-home estimate to get the process started.