Making the decision to have a walk-in tub or spa installed in your home is a big one. While the benefits offered by these tubs are vast, the key to enjoying them is ensuring the tub or spa is installed correctly.

At Missouri Specialty Spa we take a hands-on approach to the installation of our products. Unlike other companies that may request pictures of where the tub will be installed, and have customers take their own measurements, we handle all this for you.

Our Installation Process Exceeds Expectations

When you put your walk-in tub installation in our hands, you can feel confident that you don’t have to do anything else. We handle all the components of the installation process, including the electrical work, plumbing needs and actual installation of the tub.

Our first task will be to remove your existing shower or bathtub. While we will be happy to remove the tub and leave it for you, we also offer disposal services for our customers who request it. This ensures you don’t have an old bathtub to deal with when we are done.

In some cases, our team of insured technicians may have to remove a door, or even make more space by other methods. When this happens, you can feel confident that our experienced staff will handle the job – we don’t subcontract out the work. We have knowledge of all the local codes and requirements in the area to ensure each job is done right and that everything will work properly and safely.

Once the tub is in place, we will install a waterproof and mold proof material made of fiber plastic resin. This offers the fastest and easiest way to keep water from getting through and causing damage. While tile is available, this usually increases the price and may be more affordable to have completed by a local handyman. Once all the work is done, we provide a thorough clean-up of the space, so you will be ready to enjoy your new walk-in tub.

Overall, depending on the complexity of the install process, it will take around two days to install one of our tubs or spas.

We Work to Provide Superior Results

When you call our team at Missouri Specialty Spa, we also back our work with a satisfaction guarantee. While the walk-in tub you install will come with some type of warranty on the component itself, we offer a guarantee on the work we do. This is to provide our customers with additional peace of mind that the tub will be installed properly and safe to use.

If something does go wrong, or an issue occurs after the tub is in place, we will return to fix it at no additional out-of-pocket cost to our customers. We value each person that puts their trust in us, which is why we offer this guarantee.

If you are ready to have a walk-in tub or spa installed in your home, give us a call today. We can answer any questions you may have and ensure you make the decision that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.