Missouri Specialty Spa is one of the leading walk-in tub companies serving customers in Missouri and the surrounding areas. Each of our tubs is constructed of the highest quality materials, and our installation team handles the entire process – from beginning to end – ensuring you are informed each step of the way.

Mike Baker, the owner of Missouri Specialty Spas, has over 30 years of hands-on experience in this industry. His passion to start his own company came out of his prior knowledge of what other companies were doing wrong. Unfortunately, many of the competitors in this field fail to provide the basic customer service required for this type of job, leading to subpar installations, unsatisfied customers and countless issues and repair costs.

The Better Approach Offered by Missouri Specialty Spa

In the past, Mike worked for companies where he had to contact potential customers, usually by way of cold calls. He never visited a customer’s home, and the customer themselves had to take measurements. This was not only inefficient, but it was also an extremely ineffective method of finding and installing the right walk-in tub.

When you contact Missouri Specialty Spa, you will speak to knowledgeable individuals who can walk you through the entire process of what will happen when your new walk-in tub is installed. Additionally, our technicians will visit your home, take precise measurements and even let you know if any additional work may have to be done.

In the past, walls and doorways have been removed to accommodate the new tub; however, due to the excellent service dedication of Missouri Specialty Spa, customers don’t have to worry about the mess. The installation team will handle everything from taking out the old tub, installing water and mold proof flooring and wall coverings, and cleaning up when the job is done. Your only job is to sit back, and enjoy your new whirlpool, walk-in tub.

We Offer Customization Options to Exceed Expectations 

When you choose our tubs, you will quickly discover we offer a wide array of features for our products. You can choose from several “extras,” such as additional grab bars, heated seats, and extendable shower heads. Each of our tubs comes standard with a fast drain, which means it only takes about a minute for the tub to empty completely. Compare this to four or five minutes in traditional tubs, and you can see a clear advantage.

The main goal of our company is to provide you with a product that’s going to help improve your quality of life. Many of our senior customers have stated how amazing it was to be able to safely soak in a warm bath once again. Additionally, the standard whirlpool jets provide therapeutic benefits that simply aren’t offered by traditional tubs.

If you are ready to learn more about the products we offer and the benefits they provide, contact our team today. We can help you get the walk-in tub that will make your life better.